ewfashionblogger – Paris Couture Week – The Highlights

Paris Couture Week – The Highlights

Last week I shared with you why I love the fashion house of Basso & Brooke. However today I’m going to round up Paris Couture Week and show you what, in my opinion, were the highlights of the week. Lets start with the most obvious and classic French brand; Chanel.

At Chanel, hues of blue filled the catwalk. Actually, when I say catwalk, that is a huge understatement. Karl Largerfeld has worked hs magic yet again (it just gets better and better!) and this time, has hosted the Chanel catwalk show in a what appeared to be an aeroplane. Of course it wasn’t actually flying – it was firmly on the ground, and wasn’t actually an aeroplane – just a building with the inside made to look authentic, but I think it was fantastic! The Chanel ‘aeroplane’ was decked out with aisle lights, cabin windows, and futuristic looking seats. Karl Lagerfeld even emerged from the ‘cockpit’ at the end of the show to take his bow.

Anyway, back to the hues of blue. According to one source, there were reportedly more than 150 different custom shades of blue to be seen at the Chanel show; it started off with simple silhouettes, clean and fresh; like air hostesses. Then slowly more detailing, and beading was added. The sleeves puffed out. The skirts became lacy and sheer. Long flowing coats and dresses emerged. A classic Chanel dress with navy blue and white detailing caught my attention:

Everything from the colour to the collar whispered elegantly “Coco”. The detail increased and then came this beautiful puff of flowers:

The thing I love about this dress is that it has the silhouette of a fur coat. With all the beautiful, delicate blue flowers, it is definitely a statement piece. Then came more ‘party dresses’ but of course, no Chanel dress would ever be worn to an ordinary party. These dresses were beautifully embellished, and extravagant; glistening with beads, jewels and sequins. Then the dresses became more dramatic, and the sleeves were elegantly pleated at the shoulders. More sequins and then the final piece:

It goes without saying that this piece was truly beautiful, and feminine in every way. But Karl has put a certain modern spin on it – perhaps it was the length or the puff of netting behind…

On to the Valentino show. I have to say that personally, I was a bit disappointed and did not find the clothes that interesting. Fashion experts would probably scream at me and tell me how beautiful and delicate the clothes were, but me, I found them all a little bit too ‘sweet’, and flowery. They did get a bit more intesting towards the end, and there were one or two that I liked in the middle, but none that jumped out at me. Except for one dress; it is beautiful, delicate, and richly embroidered. Now, why couldn’t all of the pieces have been like this:

Walking down the catwalk, the dress glimmered and shone. It looked as if it had jewels sewn all over it. Sigh. I can only hope, that one day, I may be able to afford something as beautiful as this!

Now, the Jean Paul Gaultier show was completely the opposite. It almost wasn’t couture, but it was… In a controversial move, Jean Paul Gauliter made a tribute to Amy Winehouse. Many applauded it, and many resented it, claimed it was a grotesque move. Personally, I think it was a fantastic way to make a tribute to the singer, and I think she would have loved it. Here are some of my favourite outfits:

I particularly love the orange lace dress – its a bit like something I would make (for some reason I cant stop making orange dresses…). It’s naugthy but nice – its lacey and see-through, but has a long skirt. The zingy orange adds to the energy of the dress.

The Atelier Versace collection was probably the collection with the most statement, power, and punch. The first few dresses consisted of grey, flowing, and curvaceous gowns. The dresses were accentuated with curves of metal designed to build up the hips, shoulders and bust, as well as curved draping and pleating to accentuate the natural curves of the waist and hips. Laces and sheer fabrics were used for the first few dresses. Then a bright yellow punch of wow factor; a dress constructed from rose textured fabric with cut out shoulders – and then a yellow body-suit, with plenty of high drama on the side. Then came two gold dresses, and some sculpted green ones, and then – two shocking flashes of blood orange. This was a fantastic collection from Donatella. Here are my favourite pieces:

And here’s the link to the video.

At the Armani Privé collection, shades of green and brown dominated the catwalk. Snakeskin, sequins and netting were common features. The pieces were creative, however, I think Armani Privé has seen better. Here are my favourite pieces:

Christian Dior couture shows have always been fabulous, however since the leave of John Galliano, I’m wondering if the gowns are becoming less exciting… It is true, they are all still beautiful, but can Bill Gaytten follow in the footsteps of John Galliano? Here are my favourites from the Christian Dior collection:

At Alexis Mabille the focus was all on the flower head pieces. This may have been intentional, or not, I’m guessing not – because if you could focus on something other than the giant flowers on the models heads and the colourful makeup, you would notice that the dresses were fantastic. Personally I love all of it – the flowers, the coloured faces, and the dresses. Here are my favourites:

There was obviously a flower theme embedded deep in almost all the collections, however at Giambattista Valli and Elie Saab, the flower theme was at its strongest. Here are a few of his flower themed pieces:

However, my favourite show had to be Elie Saab, a Lebanese genius who’s creations are featured more and more on the red carpet. These are some of my favourite pieces:

What I love about his clothes is the detail, and femininity. All of the clothes are beautiful, and delicate. The flower theme I mentioned earlier, is especially present here too, but more subtley. There are petals cascading all over the skirt of some dresses – like beautiful confetti, and flower and leaf patterns in the lace of some dresses. These aren’t meant to be wedding dresses (not all of them), but I would get married in any of them! Check out the catwalk video here.

Check out my blog next Monday for my favourite pieces from the NEWGEN for Topshop launch as well as Mary Katrantzou for Topshop.

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