ewfashionblogger – Why I Love Alexander Wang…

Why I Love Alexander Wang…

Last Monday I shared with you why I love Alexander McQueen. However today, I’m going to show you why I love the label Alexander Wang, best known for its sporty luxe. First for a little bit of history:

Alexander Wang (born 1984), born to Chinese-American parents, lived in San Fransico, California until he was 18, when he moved to New York City to go to Parsons Design School. He had several internships at places such as Marc Jacobs, Teen Vogue, Vogue, and Derek Lam; but by the time his sophomore year (2005) came around, he had already started designing his first collection of his own label Alexander Wang. The label was founded in 2004, but was first featured in Vogue in 2005, and was at this time mainly knitware.

His full women’s collection was launched in 2007 selling to over 200 stores. In 2008 he added and accessories line, as well as winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award with a grant of 20,000 dollars to expand his business, as well as Diane von Furstenberg becoming his mentor. In 2009 he was recognised as Swarovski Womenswear Designer of the Year; and in October 2009, he was the recipient of the Swiss Textiles Award. In 2010 he was awarded with another Swarovski Designer of the Year Award, this time in the Accessory category. Alex Wang, 27, currently lives in Manhattan, which is also is host to his design studio and first flagship store, which opened on February 17th 2011, in Soho.

So why do I love Alexander Wang? Well, firstly I love his brand because of its sporty feel. His clothes have a great feel to them. All of his clothes seem like you could just slip them on and be a professional  sports person; admittedly, this seasons collection was inspired by the London 2012 olympics.  Alexander Wang creates sporty, sleek clothes that just ooze casual cool.

This outfit above epitomizes  the sporty chic look. I love the combination of the slouchy grey tee (which by the way is set to be a staple this summer) and the running shorts. The running shorts give the tee more energy, and make the look more energized. If you replaced the tee with a running top you would lose the style, and equally if you took away the shorts and replaced them with plain, red, denim shorts, you would lose the whole sporty feel.

What’s more, I think the heels are great (shown above). They combine a sporty vibe (the velcro and mesh adds to the running shoe effect) with a girly heel. Both the outfit and the shoe strike the perfect balance between active and laid back.

However, it’s not just the sports vibe I love; I also love the way he creates very feminine clothes too.

This poncho combines Angora and satin to create a flowing, feminine look. His use of textiles is fantastic. This poncho is truly beautiful, and if it hadn’t been made out of these two materials, it wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful. I love the combination of the two materials but also the two shapes and garments. The flowing satin tails almost seem like a dress, and yet the fluffy Angora seems like cardigan. The way the two fabrics just blend into one, is fantastic; they seem fluid.

So he does sporty, and feminine, but he also does edgy. Take a look at his bags:

What I love about these, are the characteristic studs, and ‘corner-covers’. He uses a mixture of slouchy and structured shapes and a variety of colours. Some electrically bright, and others more muted. Admittedly I prefer the more muted colours; hence why there are no bright blue bags in my collage above. Each bag has its own character I find; the top left seems laid back, the top right almost seems to shout ‘this is who I am’, the bottom left seems simplistic and modern, and the bottom left is most definitely a bag for someone who has determination written on their sleeve.

Any way, enough of analysing bags; so why exactly do I love Alexander Wang? I love the brand because of its sporty chic vibe that’s mixed in with enough casual to get the balance right, I love his ability to create beautiful, feminine clothes as well as tomboyish ones, and I love the way he injects cool and egdyness (if that’s even a word) into everything he creates.

Here’s a slide show of all the picture from this blog, plus my favourite outfits and shoes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out my blog next Monday for Why I Love Balmain…

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