How To Do: Holiday Wear (Part 1)!

How To Do: Holiday Wear (Part 1)!

For those of you who haven’t yet flown off to some exotic destination and are panicking about what to pack, or for those of you who are staying at home and want to look summery anyway… Here’s the guide for you, whether your island hopping, city shopping, or home flopping!

Packing a suitcase full of holiday wear can be tricky. How much do you pack? What clothes do you need? What clothes do you want to bring? Which clothes do you know that you probably wont wear? All these questions that you ask yourself are useful, but I’m going to help you plan exactly what you should bring and what you shouldn’t.

Which are you?

The Island Hopper… you are going somewhere hot or exotic. Probably both if it’s the latter. You will be spending time near sea, sand and boats, and it will always be sunny. So, what holiday wear do you pack?

  • Bikinis – 2 or 3 is a good number. It gives you a bit of variety and doesn’t take up too much space; bikinis can be a useful substitute to underwear. Pack a darker bikini to start you off when you’re not so tanned, and a paler bikini to show off your tan later in the holiday. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing briefs at the start of holiday, the shifting to a thong; you will have  an unattractive tan-line!
  • Sunglasses – For sunny weather, these are a must! Be careful when tanning that you don’t get a ‘goggle’ like tan-line.
  • Light Kaftans – A cover-up which will keep you cool at the same time. Again, pack 2 or 3…
  • Shorts – Don’t pack anymore than you need to. When will you be wearing them? Plan carefully; you may only need to take 1 pair. Shorts made out of light fabric are good, denim is iffy because it is hot and heavy, however it is still a popular choice.
  • Tops – Pack a few. Tops can be worn over bikinis on the beach without shorts, or as nightwear. Again, light fabric is the best.
  • Dresses – A dress for evenings is great. Don’t pack many, 1 or 2 is fine. A maxi might be good for the evenings if it gets a bit cooler, and a light, floaty frock is great for daytimes.
  • Shoes – Flip-flops, sandals, wet shoes, walking shoes and evening shoes. Some of these might double up; for example your evening shoes could be sandals, and you might use your flip-flops as wet shoes. It is a good idea if you can double up the usage of your shoes, because it will reduce the weight.
  • Bags – A tote for the beach, and a clutch for the evening. Again, that’s probably all you’ll need.

The City Shopper… you are most likely to be going to a city to shop, or will be doing lots of sight-seeing. You will probably be doing a lot of walking, and you may be in a hot country, or you may not. So here’s what holiday wear to pack:

  • Tops – Light fabric for hot cities, thick fabric for cool cities, short sleeves for both. Pack several, enough to give you variety and options.
  • Shorts – Great for warmer days. Thick or thin fabric is fine – pack a variety.
  • Cropped Trousers – This seasons trend is practical and appealing. Colour block, cropped, skinnies will look great whilst you sight-see.
  • Sunglasses – An essential for any holiday!
  • Dresses – A dress or 2 will be great for evenings at posh little restaurants.
  • Shoes – Shoes that you are comfortable walking in are a must. Pack some pumps or heels for the evening too.
  • Bags – Pack a bag roomy enough for camera, tickets, leaflets, money, makeup etc. Also pack a small clutch bag for evening.

The Home Flopper… well this is a bit ambiguous because I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with hopper and shopper except for, well, flopper! But what I really meant was: anybody who is either staying at home,  going on a trip in their country, or going to a cool country. If you live in a warmer country such as Italy, Spain or some parts of America the guide just above will probably apply more to you. But if you live in, or are going to a cool country here’s what holiday wear to pack to make you look summery:

  • Tops – Thick fabric with short sleeves to make sure you look summery. Bright colours, stripes, and earthy tones such as terracotta, khaki or ochre yellow, will make sure you look great, and effortlessly stylish. Pack a few to give you options.
  • Trousers – Either full length or cropped skinnies in really bright colours, or denim flares for an on-trend look. Team both with a white or nude tee-shirt.Pack 1 or 2 of each depending on how long you’re going for.
  • Shorts – For warmer days denim shorts are classic and great.
  • Warmth – Thin cardigans, loose knit jumpers, and maybe 1 thick jumper. Baggy jumpers and cardigans always keep you warmer, and they are actually very flattering at the same time.
  • Dress – Go for short with long sleeves if you don’t get cold on your legs, or a strappy maxi if you don’t get cold on your arms.
  • Sunglasses – For those sunny days. Many people forget about sunglasses in cooler countries, however it can still be cool and sunny, and sunglasses will make you look more summery anyway.
  • Shoes – Pack shoes you can walk in, little pumps and evening shoes.
  • Bags – A roomy bag for traveling, and a small clutch bag for evening.

Check out my blog on Monday for How To Do: Holiday Wear (Part 2), where I will show you how to get the ‘Island Hopper’ look for a low-budget.

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